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Name:Rebecca Hall Gruyter
Company:Your Purpose Driven Practice
Title:Founder / Owner
Address:25495 Southwick Drive #103
Country:United States of America
Phone No:9257871572
Cell No:9257871572
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Rebecca Hall Gruyter
Rebecca specializes in highlighting experts, influencers, messengers, and events to help them reach more people around the world! With a promotional reach of over 10 million, she is committed to helping you reach more people in a multi-platform/multi medium approach so that you can share your message, vision, and expertise with the world in a positive, heart-centered and transformational way! Rebecca and her team are able to help place you powerfully and strategically to help you get quoted in Major as a Top Expert in your field (ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox.)  Help you bring your podcast or show forward in multiple networks, help you get on more stages and platforms, bring you book forward as a Best Seller while positioning you powerfully! Rebecca and her team are committed to helping you be seen, heard and SHINE! We want to help you, as an expert, reach more people around the world as you step into a place of Influence! Remember, what the world needs is more of you!
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